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Cloud Deployment Issues and Effective Marketing

As we provide marketing communications services to cloud computing solution and service providers, we try to keep up with the primary issues and complexities that impact adoption of these emerging business solutions. One challenge receiving considerable press is the need for effective security when sending enterprise-critical functions and data to the cloud. Another issue popping up more frequently in the press as of late is interoperability.

Raejeanne Skillern, Director of Cloud Marketing for Intel, articulated the problem well in a guest post on Cloud Ave: “IT end users …want the benefit of meaningful innovation from multiple vendors with a foundation of interoperability for easier integration, simplified management, and reduced costs … Most people don’t like to feel locked in to one solution or vendor. Interoperability is about allowing management across multiple hypervisors and heterogeneous environments. It’s about enabling compatibility and portability between environments.”

Early cloud advocate and IEEE CEO Dr. Alexander Pasik stated in a June 28, 2011 IEEE news release, “To achieve the economies of scale that will make cloud computing successful, common platforms are needed to ensure users can easily navigate between services and applications regardless of where they’re coming from, and enable organizations to more cost-effectively transition their IT systems to a services-oriented model.”

Some cloud computing evangelists suggest that the industry consider developing standards to empower cloud service providers to design interoperable platforms and enable data portability. IT executives are speaking out on the importance of interoperability by joining the Open Data Center Alliance. The alliance’s purpose is to identify customer requirements for corporate adoption of cloud computing and to define usage models based on open, industry-standard, and multi-vendor solutions.

What do you think? If you are a cloud solution provider, how do these complexities affect your marketing strategy? If you are a cloud solution adopter, what are your concerns? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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